It has a maximum of fourteen (14) business days after delivery of the product or the service contract to withdraw all or part of the purchase of the product and / or service, in accordance with applicable law.
Once completed within fourteen (14) business days, we will not accept returns for withdrawal of purchases of products or service cancellations.

Assuming cancel the purchase of a product must meet the following requirements:
1) The product must be in the same state as it was delivered and shall keep the instructions, documentation, accessories and, as far as possible their original packaging and labeling.
2) The return must be made using the same box or envelope used in delivery or, failing that, at some similar format to ensure the return of the goods in perfect condition.
3) should be performed by the procedure set out in section: Return.

ILOVEWINE, S.L. not be liable for the costs and expenses incurred by those product returns to occur without following the procedure laid down in section: RETURN

Refund of the price of products and services

Provided that followed the return procedure and performed the requirements of these conditions, we will refund the price paid for products returned.
However, there will not be entitled to refund of returned products that are not in the same condition they were delivered, in case you have not followed the procedure for repayment or not met the requirements of these conditions.
The partial returns of an order will result in partial repayment of the price.
Will manage the money-back order within fourteen (14) business days from the confirmation of arrival at the store the returned order.

They shall be entitled to refund of defective products or products delivered if not match the order placed.
In these cases, the return of the products must be determined by the procedure laid down in section: Return, and shall not take care of the costs of returning the products and shipping costs.

Whenever you have followed the procedures established in section: Repayment and satisfaction of the requirements of these conditions, we will refund the price paid for products returned that are defective or do not correspond to the order of products made in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.